Why Do You Need The Best Cordless Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

If you want to make fish slices accurately, you need the best cordless electric fish fillet knife. Our post gives you detailed reviews and how to buy this knife.

If you have seen the fish fillet process, you will be surprised and admired by the way chefs use knives skillfully to create slices of fish exactly to every millimeter. It is not easy to do that with an amateur. Therefore, you need support from the best cordless electric fish fillet knife.

What is the best electric fillet knife on the market? And how to buy it?

Here they are.

Best Cordless Electric Fish Fillet Knife – Quick Comparison

How To Choose The Best Wireless Fillet Knife

The Blade Material

If you want a good knife, you need to consider the blade material as it determines the fillet efficiency, impact, and product life. The trick here is to choose stainless steel materials to resist corrosion for durability, not to bend, and give perfect sharpness.

The best material is a stainless steel blade with a high concentration of Carbon. As a result, you can use the blade with high frequency and sharpen it to get the best cutting performance.

The Blade Flex

This feature of the knife blade allows you to cut or slice the fish quickly and flexibly without damaging the knife. Therefore, it enhances the durability of the knife.

Be aware of the blade length. You will get a set of blades ranging in size from 6 to 9”. For small fish, a 6 to 7″ knife is suitable while you use a 9″ cutter for larger ones.

The Knife Handle

Because you need a strong force to penetrate the fish’s body, you should choose a knife with a non-slip grip like rubber to fillet the fish quickly without slippery.

Not only that, but the excellent handle design also gives you a firm grip, a comfortable feel when holding and handling wet fish, avoiding the danger of knife sharpness.

The Knife Power

The wireless electric fish fillet knives have a motor from 110v to 120V, so it’s suitable to use in your kitchen. You need the power of a knife to save your effort when cutting fish. Depending on the model, the knife may come with a rechargeable backup battery.

The trick is to choose a knife with multiple speeds, and then you can adjust them according to the size of the fish. In case you slice large fish regularly, remember to use the minimum capacity of the ampere to work well for a long time.

Easy To Change The Blades

As mentioned above, you have a set of replaceable blades to fit your usage needs. Additionally, this replacement helps you to use the knife for a long time, replace blunt knives at a low cost to maintain optimal operation.

Reviews Of The Best Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

When it comes to the cordless fillet knife, many users count on the Rapala brand. It is one of the most famous companies in the industry.

That’s the reason why we mention here two best Rapala models. Both of them have a one-year warranty.

1. Rapala RRFN Fillet Knife

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First of all, let’s talk about Rapala RRFN. How good is it?

The highlight of this knife is its reliable power. You can use it to fillet the fish during 80 minutes of continuous running without losing power after fully charging the Li-ion battery. Additionally, the energy cannot heat quickly and the motor runs very quietly.

Not only that, but the Li-ion battery also provides stable torque and constant speed for knife operation without sacrificing power or speed when the battery is worn out. Also, it’s fast to charge the battery in just 2 hours.

What’s more?

The manufacturer also designs an effect of low memory to raise the amount of charge and discharge cycle, increasing the life of product battery. Besides, the 7″ blade and airflow body design offer smooth and easy operation.

You can use this knife to cut, mince, fillet, and peel off the skin or other kitchen purposes. The blade size is suitable for medium to large fish.

How about its materials?

The knife is made of high-quality material while the sharp blade is from stainless steel. The handle features the right balance and grip for a comfortable holding. Lastly, this knife comes with a wall charger and an easy-to-use on and off switch.

You should put up with the extra effort of inserting and removing the blade.

Overall, we recommend it to anyone who fillets fish regularly. Whether you are beginners or expert chefs, bring it home now!


  • Easy to cut through ribs
  • Powerful and light
  • The maximum amount of the fish
  • Good handle and balance
  • Simple to use


  • Its Lion batteries discharge with time.

2. Rapala RRFNSC Fillet Knife

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With a higher price than the previous model, the Rapala RRFNSC gives you more accessories to use for more purposes. You will own a knife, 6” and 7.5” blades, 2 Lithium-Ion batteries, a wall charger, and an EVA case.

Therefore, this knife can help you to cut any fish, from small to large size and for both freshwater and saltwater fish, and carry all parts of the combo safely. Also, the spare battery is useful for more extended use in a boat trip.

Like the single-blade model of Rapala, this combo also has a durable body, sharp blades, powerful motor, and comfortable handle. It also has a good grip with an advanced airflow design.

The blade release button provides simple cleaning and maintenance after use. You can also change blades quickly to cut different types of fish.

One issue is the blades. They may get stuck in the handle, and you have to get them out carefully to avoid hitting the trigger and cutting yourself.

Despite this, this knife with fantastic battery life is sharp, easy to use, pack around, and clean up. What a good deal for your fishing season!


  • Impressive power
  • Awesome blades
  • Sharp, lightweight and fast
  • Great balance
  • Quick charge


  • The battery may be difficult to remove.

Benefits Of Choosing A Fillet Knife

Using a fillet knife has many benefits for you.

  • First and foremost is a slender blade. It can help you quickly remove bones from fish to get fish meat with a minimum loss of flesh.
  • Moreover, you can peel off the fish skin quickly and beautifully even if they stick hard to the meat with this unique blade design. The flexible blades are also a great tool to help users get most of the protein from fish meat. Not to mention, you can use this knife type to prepare vegetables better.
  • Another advantage of a fillet knife is easy cleaning. You can clean a freshly caught fish and wash the knife in a short time. With a good fillet knife, it is durable enough to serve you after many years without damage or rust.

Here’s something interesting for you.

  • Do not forget to choose the best cordless electric fish fillet knife because it is a very powerful, flexible, and effective when working on large or small fish. Besides, it can give you more control, so you spend less time and effort when cutting and slicing fish.
  • You just switch on the knife, hold it tight, and guide it to the place you want to cut. However, you have to pay more and learn how to use it properly.
  • You can also change the blade fast to fit your cutting needs. Regardless of fish size, a set of blades from an electric fillet knife can help you to finish the work correctly.
  • Although these knives are quite expensive, you get what you pay for. You don’t need to buy and replace ordinary knives regularly, and now you can use a durable electric fillet knife everywhere you want for a very long time.
Using the best cordless electric fish fillet knife is very simple

Using the best cordless electric fish fillet knife is very simple

User Manual

This type of knife comes with instructions from the manufacturer. You should read them carefully before using an electric knife. With Rapala products in our post, you can refer to the following usage:

  • Before using the knife for the first time, you need to separate the blade, wash it with soap and warm water. You should sometimes wipe a drop of salad oil between the blades to lubricate.
  • You must disconnect the battery pack before you install the blade and when not in use. You then insert the blades into the keyhole slot until they snap into place.
  • Next, you connect the battery pack to the motor case by pressing down on the thumb tab and sliding it into place. To attach the engine, pull the safety switch down, then press the trigger to activate.
  • To remove the blade, press down on the release button and hold the safety grip securely, sliding the blade forward, away from the motor housing.

To use the smart charging dock, plug the AC cord into the battery socket and the wall outlet.

  • For fast charging, press the battery down to the base. The charger will automatically start charging when there is a red light. It is the quickest battery charge, so it is just enough to complete the filleting process.
  • To fully charge, you need to press the battery down to the base, then press the condition button to discharge. You can see the red light blinking. As soon as the red light turns on, the battery will charge.
  • The device will automatically turn off when the battery is fully charged and ready for use. That is when the green light is on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Electric Knife For Cleaning Fish?

In this post, we suggest two models from the Rapala, the leading brand in manufacturing electric fillet knives. You can be assured of using high quality, durable products, and optimal performance for both novice and amateur users.

Depending on your budget and fish size, you can choose either a single knife or a 2-blade combo for different purposes.

Can I Use An Electric Knife to Cut Meat?

Yes, you can. This knife can cut raw meat, vegetables, fruits, and other kinds of food. You should choose a good power and quality for durable use.

Is It Necessary To Sharpen The Blade Of An Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

Not, it is not. Because the blade of an electric knife can maintain sharpness for a long time, you may not need to sharpen it. However, when it is blunt, it can be sharpened.

Can I Use An Electric Fish Fillet Knife To Cut Through Bones?

Yes, you can. But you should do it very carefully because you can damage the blade with the hard bones.

How Do You Fillet Fish With An Electric Knife?

Note that you only need to guide the knife to where you need to cut. Then the knife can help you to finish it.

  • First, you cut right behind the gill, slice down the bone, then rotate the blade and cut straight along the backbone to the tail. You now have a fish fillet cut off the bone. You turn over the fish and repeat the action on the other side.
  • Next, you insert the blade close to the rib and cut off the entire bone before removing the skin to save the minimum of waste.
  • Finally, you remove the skin from each fillet by inserting a knife into the tail and cutting the meat from the skin. You should not wash these fillets too much to keep the delicious juice and natural state of the fish meat.

What Is The Best Cordless Fillet Knife?

It can be said that the best cordless fillet knife is a perfect companion for anyone who loves fishing and enjoys them after stressful working hours. With two product reviews, we want to recommend the best equipment to bring an excellent fillet dish with less effort and time.

Now you just enjoy the fun of fishing and dining with family and friends. Which product to choose depends on your needs. For those who want to get a variety of fish and use the knife for a long time, the combo option is a great deal.

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