Best Electric Fillet Knife For Fish: New Way To Do Faster Filleting

Needing the best electric fillet knife for fish maybe your obsession these days. You are tired of having to spend hours filleting. Now, we give you a solution.

Don’t rush to find out the best electric fillet knife for fish. We should learn more about this kitchenware first. Now, let’s get started!

For a regular and an electric fillet knife, what are similarities and differences? In general, the fillet knife is to fillet and minimize the wastage of fish or meat. Besides the traditional manual use, nowadays, it comes with electricity as well.

Best Electric Fillet Knife For Fish – Quick Comparison

No matter which type is, the knife consists of two parts, including a blade tightly attached to the blade. However, the electric knife tends to get more advance in comparison with the regular one. It is lighter, sharper, and safer, as well as much more time-saving.

Benefits of using electric fillet knives

As for benefits, when using the electric knife for filleting, we love to list three main points.


Assuming that you are a type of busy person with tons of work waiting. It seems to be pretty hard to spend hours cooking. Then, the electric fillet knife will work for you so well.

With the regular knife, filleting a fish must take an hour or even more. But the thing is entirely different from the electric knife. Only in minutes, fish, skin, and bones are separated parts.


Not only to save a lot of time, using the electric knife helps you to save much energy as well. We often call this knife a tool for those whose wrists are not strong.

When filleting, people tend to need more effort to remove the skin and bones of the fish. What will happen if they must fillet more than one fish? We bet that it will be very exhausting.

To get the improvement, after plugging in the electric knife, you hold the grip and do fillet gently. There is no extra effort needed for sure.


You know that your filleting can be better with the electric knife. So, it is undoubtedly more expensive than the regular knife.

Why do we believe that it helps to save money?

The reason is its durability and convenience.

Most electric knives on the market are guaranteed kitchen wares coming from prestigious brands. You can ask for help anytime you have trouble with these knives.

Moreover, with the convenience of the modern knife, you will not find it challenging to fillet fishes at home. You and your beloved people have chances of enjoying beautiful, tasty dishes without having to go out. It is possible to save a lot of money then.

What is the best electric fillet knife for fish? 

Do not let you wait any longer. We will give a list of the ten best electric fish fillet knife reviews. To make this list, it took time to ask some advice from experienced chefs as well as fishers. So, let’s enjoy it!

1. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

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For the first idea of the list, we have the Rapala electric fillet knife. It is a heavy-duty knife with a weight of only 4.8 ounces. The knife blade is about 7 inches and a half in length.

Its dimension is suitable for filleting from small to medium-size fishes. Both the size and form of the knife are flexible enough to help to peel the skin and then fillet the fish. You even can cut through the fish bones. Plus, there is no problem when cleaning it in the dishwasher.

According to the manufacturer, the knife runs three times as powerful as the standard one does. And its speed is twice faster.

Despite the strong motor, the knife has a quiet operation. This advantage is thanks to the Rapala airflow design, which is perfectly smooth.

However, there are still two downsides with this Rapala electric fillet knife. One is no case include to protect the knife when being in use. And the other is that only 12V AC source is available to run the knife.


  • Lightweight
  • Safety with dishwasher
  • Flexible use
  • Powerful and quiet-running motor


  • Excluded case
  • Only-available AC source

2. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

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What is unique with the American Angler PRO kit?

The knife features the torque, which is twice as powerful as most heavy-duty products out there. Moreover, it gets a four times longer lifespan than many other same types of knives. For these reasons, we are sure that you will never give up when filleting, even with the big bones.

The kit includes one electric knife handle along with five different blade replacements with different sizes and forms.

The first is one 10″ saltwater blade. The second is one 5,5″ curved tip blade. The third is one 8″ curved tip blade. The fourth is one 10″ heavy-duty shark blade. And the fifth is one 8″ heavy-duty shark blade.

The most impressive thing that we find in this American Angler PRO kit is its superior drive train mechanism. Thanks to the design, the knife makes the filleting smoother and the axel rotation more efficient.

Chefs often use this knife to fillet redfish, catfish, tuna, and so forth. It is also the reason why we consider the American Angler PRO kit as the best electric fillet knife for saltwater fish.

Another good point is the airflow at the handset area. It can stay cool for hours, even when you do continuous filleting. Hence, you do not have to worry about the slippery while holding the knife.

The set will surely be perfect if there is no drawback found. However, we find that its safety bag is very small and does not know how to put all the blades insides.


  • Good airflow design
  • Multiple blades for flexible use
  • Powerful motor
  • Long power cord


  • Small safety bag

3. American Angler Classic Electric Fillet Knife Standard Kit

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Next, we will turn to another kit from the same brand as the second recommendation. It is the American Angler Classic electric fillet knife standard kit.

Only in one set, a fantastic combination of three big things is available with the durability, the performance, and the power.

In terms of the motor, why do we call it the heavy-duty electric fillet knife?

In comparison with another heavy-duty knife, this one is 1.5 times more powerful and twice a longer lifespan. These figures may not be as impressive as the ones of the American Angler PRO kit. Are they still significant enough for your filleting, right?

Also, we cannot forget to appreciate the advanced airflow system. It does well the role of keeping the handle cool during the time you fillet. The handle will not heat up or stay slippery, which can affect your work negatively.


  • Good airflow design
  • Multiple blades for flexible use
  • Powerful motor
  • Long power cord


  • Small safety bag

4. Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

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Let’s start with the mechanism!

The knife owns a powerful motor that runs on the 120V source. Compared with products in the same class, this Mister Twister one can perform 30% better than the others.

For professional people, the knife is so ideal. However, the story will be much different for the amateur. The reason is its large size. You need more skill to control the knife effectively.

Moreover, the knife handle shows a perfect grip. The slippery is not the problem at all. Hence, the knife makes it much easier to remove all the skin and bones without any wastage.

Another appreciation is the blade. Both durability and strength combine in this knife blade. It promises to give you nice fish slices for sure.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Firm grip handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Friendly-budget knife
  • Durable and strong blade


  • Heavyweight

5. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

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Picking the CEK-40 out of the box, we find the knife coming with two blades. One is the bread blade, and the other is the carving blade. So, it is worth your money as an economical choice.

In general, both blades in the set have nearly the same sizes and forms. You need to have to look closely to see the difference.

As for the bread blade, it gets the taller profile with a tip that is quite similar to the

The bread knife setup is taller in profile and sports a tip related to the sheep foot blade. This design is to keep the whole place in line and help you to have even cuts. On the other hand, the carving blade has a shorter profile. Its role is to ensure friction.

Furthermore, the smart design is available for the handle. There is a one-touch activating button, as well as the safety lock. All of them make it more convenient so far.

That the set includes two blades is good. However, this thing may drive you insane when you wash the knife. We mean that some assembling points are not easy to clean.


  • Multiple uses
  • Safety lock
  • One-touch activation


  • Difficulty in cleaning

6. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

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Using electric knives to make delicious dishes, all users expect the cleanliness in their knives. And this Hamilton Beach electric knife comes with two main elements for the user expectation.

Firstly, the blade is of stainless steel. It is not only highly durable but also easy to get clean.

Secondly, there is a storage case with a knife. The preparation from the manufacturer makes it easier for the knife to stay clean when being not in use.

In addition to the case, there is a carving fork included. You can use it to carve meat instead of filleting fishes.

The handle is also the feature helping the Hamilton Beach knife get a bonus point. Users can grip the handle firmly without any irritation.

One issue with the knife is that the blade seems to be flimsy. It is so nice to cut thin slices. However, for example, you have to fillet fishes with hard bones, you will find problems.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • A storage case
  • Carving folk included
  • Durability
  • Convenience in cleaning


  • Flimsy blade

7. Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife

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With a sharp blade, the Black & Decker electric knife is worth being your kitchen partner to cut any materials. We are sure that it can satisfy your desire for quickness and accuracy.

The blade is 9 inches in length with the serrated form. Both the length and form of the knife will make every clipping perfect. Moreover, it is a high-quality metal blade. The purpose of the manufacturer to choose this material to protect the knife from rusting.

Like the previous product, this knife also has a safety lock. An electric knife should not miss this part. It plays a role of keeping the knife plugged when in use so that the user will be safe.

If you do not focus much on the quiet operation, this knife is quite ideal. Some users complain that it runs noisily.


  • Sharp, high-quality metal blade
  • Handle grip
  • Durability
  • Safety lock


  • Noisy operation

8. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Combo

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Buying a combo always helps you save more money than buying separated things. And this Rapala Lithium fillet knife combo does it so well.

The combo includes a knife handle, two blades and two batteries. All of them are very essential regardless of where you do the filleting.

Two blades are different in sizes. One is 6 inches and the other is 7.5 inches. It means that they are flexible enough for many sizes of fishes.

In addition to a wall charger, the knife comes with a wireless battery.  It enables you to fillet from 60 to 80 fishes in the fully-charged condition. So, bringing it on the trip will be ok. Keeping uncharged for days will be not a problem.

Another impression is a powerful motor. Let’s take an example. You may have to spend about 5 minutes filleting a fish with a standard knife. But with this Rapala cordless one, it takes only 2 minutes.

While using, sometimes, you need to replace blades or batteries. It will be a must to prepare additional tools. These parts are not easy to remove without supporting tools.


  • Portability
  • Multiple blades
  • Backup charger
  • Economic choice
  • Powerful motor


  • Difficulty in replacing blades and batteries

9. Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife, Black/Silver

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We always love to add more bonus points for products with the storage case. And with the Oster electric knife, the story is the same.

There are three parts in one set including a knife, folk and a storage case.

As a detachable part, the blade attracts much our attention at the very first time touching. Made of the stainless steel, the blade shows the high durability and ensure food safety and hygiene. Moreover, the case protects the knife from external agents as dust which can reduce the knife lifespan.

On the blade, the special cutting tip goes along with the ergonomically-designed handle. They make it easier for users to hold and do perfect filleting.

However, for weeks using, the blade tends to be not sharp enough to cut hard food materials. We are a little bit disappointed with this issue.


  • A storage case and folk included
  • Detachable stainless-steel blade
  • Ergonomically design


  • Not sharp blade

10. Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

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The last recommendation of the list is another Rapala electric fillet knife.

It has a 7.5-inch detachable blade. This part comes with the material of stainless steel. Filleting requires you to use lots of water. So, high-quality material can prevent rust which affects negatively the food quality. Plus, the size is also suitable to work with large fishes.

In the handle, you can see the groove pattern. It is to increase the friction and reduce the issue of slippery, especially when you cutting hard food.

Moreover, the motor runs by a 7-inch power cord added with a quiet airflow system. However, we hope it is a wireless charger. Then, we can fillet anywhere without the need for the wall charger.


  • Additional folk included
  • Stainless-steel blade
  • Full-friction handle


  • No wireless charger

Guide to choose the best electric fillet knife for fish

What is best electric fillet knife? How many elements should we need to base on to choose the most ideal products?

Have you ever wondered about these questions? If YES, now, we will help to answer.

Among a mass on the market, to pick the best knife, there are six main points to consider. They include:

  • Handle design
  • Durability
  • Speed
  • Storage case
  • Versatility
  • Safety

It’s time to explore one by one.

Handle design

We strongly suggest you choose the knives with the ergonomic design. Not only the comfortable grip, but it also prevents the fatigue as much as possible when you have to hold the knife for hours.

Plus, the material should not be a conductive one. Continuously using causes the knife motor to heat up. Consequently, the heat combining the conductive material will lead to the burning.


From the handle, blade and the charging cord, they all affect the durability of the whole knife. Hence, you had better check carefully materials and structures of every part to make sure the knife has high durability.


It is not that all fishes have the same size and bone hardness. Therefore, you need to use the fillet knife with different levels of speed. The more speed levels the knife can run, the more effective your filleting will be.

Storage bag

Assuming that you do not use the knife for months and store it at the dusty place. What will happen? We are sure that the knife lifespan will decrease. External factors such as moisture and odor can cause it to rust. It is the reason why there should be a storage bag.


In addition to speeds, it is also a need to get multiple options of blade length. Filleting a big fish requires a long blade while filleting a small one does not.


The safety means the safe motor and the safe airflow system to prevent the knife from heating up. A safe knife should ensure both two things.

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The following are some common questions we receive from readers.

How can I choose a good electric fillet knife at a reasonable price?

It is always better to choose products of prestigious brands.

On the market these days, there are tons of fake products sold at extremely high prices. Before shopping, don’t forget to ask who makes the best electric fillet knife. Big brands will provide consumers with high-quality products at a reasonable price as well as a good warranty.

What is the way of sharpening the electric fillet knife after using?

You need to prepare a hand-held block knife sharpener. Next, you hold the handle of the tool by one hand. And the other hand will hold the knife and then do sharpen the blade.

Is the filleting knife different from the boning knife?

A boning knife has a sharp point along with a narrow blade. People use this type to remove the bones from beef, pork, and fish. The common length of the boning knife ranges from 5 to 7 inches.

A fillet knife is mainly in use to fillet fishes, remove bones and skin from the meat. It is often from 6 to 11 inches in length.

In comparison, the boning knife tends to be thicker but less flexible than the fillet knife.

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Well, in this article, we have already briefly answered your question that “what’s the best electric fillet knife?” How do you think about this information?

2020 comes with dozens of amazing changes in tech. Why don’t we try these advances for our lovely kitchen? We are sure that you will be pretty satisfied. Not only electric fillet knives, but there are also so many kitchen things and stories that we love to share. Don’t forget to follow the site. See you!