Best Fillet Knife on the Market with Reviews 2020

Best Fillet Knife on the Market

Best Fillet Knife on the Market

Have long, cooking was not simply a job but it was an art. Cooking is not difficult, but it is not easy to cook good and beautiful.

As a chef, you always want to bring the best to your customers, so why don’t you make cooking perfect from a good start? The best knife fillet is what you are looking for to answer your concerns. Do you believe, the fillet knife is a perfect part of your effort?

I’ll help you!

Surely you know, the fillet knife is an indispensable kitchen tool. It is used to separate meat from bones, skin or fat. The fillet is the fastest and best way to get the best meat from a fish. With normal knives, when used to fillet fish, you will face a lot of difficulties and take a lot of time. Even the fish will be damaged by the blade, the meat will be more easily broken and leaving a promiscuous cut. Cooking failed!

But for fillet knives, you will have precise cuts, clean without wasting any time. That is the use that fillet gives you.

Best Fillet Knife on the Market – Quick Comparison

How to choose the best fillet knife

Do you know what criteria are in place to evaluate a good knife?

The blade

Fillet blades are usually made of high- quality carbon steel, corrosion-resistant. The blade is sharp, thin. There are knives designed with certain curvature for flexibility.

Blade sizes of about 7-9 inches are most common and easy to use. Maybe the required size will change when you want to fillet small or larger fish.

The most important thing is that the blade must be flexible and sharp.

The flexibility of a knife also depends on the length of the blade. If you need fillet a fish small or moderate, plasticity, thin, bendable blade is quite flexible. When the fish fillet is bigger, a flexible knife is very difficult. Instead, you should choose a knife with a long and hard blade, strong operation.


The handle plays an important role in controlling and transmitting force to the blade. Therefore, they are usually made of classic wood, synthetic resin or high-quality rubber to maximize the use.

When buying a fillet knife, you should choose a knife with a comfortable handle, which fits (not too big or too compact), has many grooves to give friction, increased resistance to slip. Some manufacturers are also sophisticated when designing advanced airflow on the handle of electric knife fillets to cool the engine, even when used for long hours.


Some prestigious manufacturers such as Rapala, Dasltrong, American Angler, Bubba, … always create the best products to serve fishermen and chefs.

These products are trusted by many buyers and receive a lot of positive reviews because they take the reputation of the brand to guarantee the products you choose to buy.


The best knife is not because it is the most expensive. The best knife is its price comes with quality. There are many good knives from famous brands that give you high performance while under $ 50.

A knife is rated as good if it serves your needs well.

What kind of fillet knife for fish in your kitchen

Each fillet knife is made to bring a mission especially. We all know that each fish has a different characteristic, so in order to fillet them perfectly, you should choose specialized knives, contain many characteristics that are beneficial to the fillet work.

Please take a few minutes to learn about the fillet knife for each type of fish!

The fillet knife for salmon

The dishes made from salmon have a strong flavor that is loved by many people. Salmon meat is very soft, rich in texture and fat. That’s why salmon fillets need a very flexible knife.

For salmon fillet, you should choose thin, sharp knives to have accurate slices, gently avoid breaking meat. The thin blade makes it easy to peel the skin without losing the deliciousness of the piece of meat.

The product line of Rapala, Bubba or Wusthof classic 7-inch fillet knife, … is chosen by many people and shows effective use.

The fillet knife for catfish

Catfish are a type of fish covered with mucus, the body is not homogeneous. If you fillet them, you use a blunt blade, which is very likely to be slippery, blunt blades will not be able to separate meat from bones which will endanger your hands.

The fillet knife you need for catfish must have a very flexible, sharp blade and is suitable for large fish.

The catfish’s skeleton is heavy and hard, it is recommended that you use a strong fillet knife such as Rapala heavy duty fillet knife or American Angler, sturdy handle, good anti-skidding.

The fillet knife for redfish

A sharp, thin, flexible blade is the characteristic of a good knife that makes it easy to fillet the redfish’s thick and lean meat.

Redfish are very hard, fins and ribs can quickly damage the edge of the knife. Therefore, a flexible blade is not enough. These knives are made of hard carbon steel or TiN-coated to help protect the edge of the knife is an option.

Pay attention to the fillet knives with the firm, anti-slip handles. It will help you!

The fillet knife for saltwater fish

Saltwater fish is a good source of nutrients for the body. The fish meat is quite toned and requires the fillet knife in your hand to be sharp.

Both the blade and the handle of the knife need to select materials with good corrosion resistance. The blade is made of the highest quality stainless steel and the handle is recommended by experts use the classic wooden handle.

The fillet knife for walleye

Walleye has a very popular range of life and walleye foods are popular. Walleye has fairly hard scales.

To fillet the best, choose for yourself a versatile knife, with a sharp but strong blade combined with a solid, comfortable handle. I believe walleye fillet will not be difficult for you.

Cordless electric knife

The translational combination of the ordinary fillet and electric fillet gives us a quality product, utility. The cordless electric knife is quite handy. The flexible, thin blade is not rough but has great strength.

The knife uses a battery power source. It just eliminates the dependence on AC voltage sources and is convenient for carrying. The knife is always ready to use whenever you need it, provided you have a spare battery ready.

The most worrying is that the batteries used for the cordless electric knife are very expensive.

At this point, you probably already know what kind of knife you should choose. We will help you find to buy what you need. Please refer.

Review of The top 5 best fillet knives for fish

1. Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet

For many years, Rapala has always been a manufacturer that receives a lot of support from customers for quality products but at reasonable prices.

  • 7.5-inch blade – ideal length for better fillet. With this length, you can be assured that it is possible to fillet even bigger fish.
  • The blade is made of carbon steel, sharp and extremely thin to give you the desired cut at a glance. Moreover, the blade has good non-stickiness so that the knife does not get stuck in the fillet process.
  • The special thing about the knife lies in the handle design. Using classic Rapala birch wood is a manufacturing material that gives users a great fulcrum to control the knife. The handle is quite compact and firm.
  • Comes with a product is a genuine leather sheath, this storage device protects the knife relatively well and a sharpener to keep the sharpness of the knife.
  • This knife is manufactured specifically for freshwater fish. If used for saltwater fish, after use should be cleaned carefully to avoid corrosion.


  • Flexible blades.
  • Good non-stick properties prevent knives from getting stuck in the fillet.
  • There is a safety cover
  • Price under $ 50 but good quality


  • When the fillet is big fish, the knife is a bit weak

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Boning Knife

A product from Victorinox manufacturer, exclusively distributed from the famous Forschner brand, Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Boning Knife is always confident to accompany you in the kitchen or even fishing trips.

  • High quality 6-inch long, light-weight European mild steel blades, NSF certified no harm to public health.
  • The S-shaped blade design provides flexibility for easy use of fish fillets with precise cuts. Combined with a sharp blade that can pierce joints, cartilage without being blocked for hard redfish or salmon cartilage.
  • The handle is made of lightweight European-quality material that reduces wrist pressure when used for long hours. Size handle design fits in the palm, anti-slip even when hands are wet.
  • The knife many consumers consider to be flexible, durable, easy to hold and standard fillet.
  • To maintain the performance of the knife, it is recommended to regularly file and clean it after each use.


  • Flexible S-shaped tongue
  • Light handle, sure
  • Material safe for public health
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The blade is a bit short

For decades, Victorinox manufacturer has been successful in making a name for its brand and products. This knife is inspired by the traditional Swiss army knives, so it has great reliability.

3. Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

Each Bubba product is a result of innovation and innovation to best serve consumers. Up to this point, the Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is the biggest effort in conquering the market. The product selected by Amazon itself with the number of sales every year on the top Amazon.

  • The blade is made of high-grade stainless steel covered with non-stick Ti-Nitride that will help you a lot. The compact blade shape, thin, with perfect curvature, effective anticorrosion. Good material promotes fillet strength
  • The double blade design helps the blade to be held firmly even with fillets with great force.
  • The convenient non-slip handle design keeps the knife well balanced in the palm of your hand.
  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning. Knives are stored in a protective box for convenient carrying and storage
  • The back of the handle is equipped with LED a battery status indicator to help you be proactive, ready for the fillet.
  • Technical ventilation made to maximize helps create an incredible torque that can fillet with greater power than expected.
  • Do you know what makes this knife unique? The product is equipped with 4 replaceable blades of length: 7-inch E-FLEX, 9-inch E-LEX, 9-inch E-STIFF, 12-inch E-STIFF so you can fillet in a variety of fish such as saltwater fish, redfish, catfish, walleye with different sizes of big or small.
  • The engine is battery-operated and comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries (one of the longest operating batteries on the market).


  • There are flexible replacement blades in many sizes
  • TiN-coated stainless steel blades increase knife durability
  • There are LED lights
  • Have spare batteries with you


  • The blade is often stuck when replacing

4. Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

Berkley – a manufacturer with a mission to bring fishermen closer to the fishing world. Berkley Electric Fillet Knife is the result of a journey challenged by time. It is the assistant you are looking for in your kitchen.

  • With an 8-inch long blade that’s very flexible by curvature, what do you do? I am sure it will help you fillet well even with big fish.
  • The blade is made of high-temperature stainless steel carbon steel to make the knife durable and sharp.
  • The blade design is quite simple, with sharp teeth, in just a blink of an eye, you can fillet any fish in your hand.
  • A 120-volt motor operates more strongly than you expect. As a result, this electric fillet knife is suitable for you to fillet of fish with a hard skeleton like redfish or stubborn catfish.
  • Non-slip, slotted handle design to create friction between your hand and the knife. From there, you can easily control the knife without fear of danger during the fillet process.
  • Unlike other product lines, the Berkley knife does not heat up when you use it too long, the heat treatment equipment of the knife is quite good. Moreover, the handle design will help you not be tired when using continuously.
  • The safety mode of the knife is also very convenient when there is a safety activation lock and the tongue release mode when it is required to be replaced.
  • Comes with the product has a fairly spacious storage bag, you can put in some other necessary equipment.


  • There is a safety activation lock
  • The engine does not get hot when used for a long time
  • Long wire spring pattern design more convenient


  • Durability decreases rapidly if not cleaned after use

5. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala is a brand that no force can beat. Rapala products are always trusted and used for the first time in terms of quality, flexibility, product shape and outstanding advantages in price.

Possibly owning one, even many knives from the manufacturer Rapala, is not a bad choice.

  • Rapala heavy-duty electric knife is known as a guillotine that can fillet everything in a short, clean, accurate time.
  • Using the highest quality carbon steel material, the knife is confident of durability and sharpness compared to other knives of the same price.
  • The 7.5-inch long rotating blade is very flexible in filleting. Even the larger, hardest fish cannot stop the power of the knife.
  • The engine operates 2 times faster and is 3 times stronger than the other engines offering high efficiency in the fillet. The power of the knife can pierce through the ribs and quickly fillets almost all types of fish such as redfish, walleye, saltwater fish, catfish, and other large fish.
  • The handle of the Rapala heavy-duty electric fillet is slightly heavier and bigger than the traditional Rapala knives but is relatively easy to hold because of its high skid resistance and grip. Therefore, you should not worry about this issue.
  • Besides, advanced airflow design prevents the engine from heating up and operates more smoothly. The airflow is quite quiet, making no noise while the engine is running.
  • Another good thing is the safety activation lock. However, it is because of the safety lock that turning on / off the engine will take some time. But perhaps that does not influence the quality of the knife.
  • 8 feet long power cord – the ideal length you can take anywhere, without hindrance when the voltage is far away.


  • The engine works strong and fast
  • Versatile, handy, can fillet everything
  • Advanced airflow design and safety lock
  • Flexible swivel blades and easy replacement
  • Long power cord
  • Only $ 49.99 for a great product


  • The engine on/off process is a bit long

You have any other reason that you do not own this wonderful machine. A better product than any expensive knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy a versatile knife and use it to fillet all kinds of fish?

A: A versatile knife that can replace us fillets all types of fish is very good.

However, a versatile knife is poor in strength, the blade is not flexible and sometimes fillet is inaccurate. To the perfect fillet job, you should have specialized knives.

Which is designed with many characteristics suitable for each type of fish, a specialized knife will show you the perfection in each cut!

Q: Should I buy a traditional fillet knife or an electric fillet knife?

A: If you are a careful, meticulous person and require a precise fillet, you should choose a traditional fillet knife. Because it will help you fillet clean, accurate. This process may take some time and energy.

When you have to fillet too many fish or you don’t have much time to prepare a meal, the electric fillet knife is a great choice. Electric knife fillet will do everything for you without much effort, you just turn the switch and control the knife.

In my opinion, owning both traditional fillet and electric fillet knife will give you flexibility, your needs will be better served.

Q: What is the best storage way for fillet knives?

A: You should clear wash, dry the knife with a soft cloth and store in a box or storage bag to keep the durability of the knife. Or at least you should put a safe place in your kitchen, avoid contact with substances can corrode the knife, and endangering others.

In addition to fillets, the knife should not be used to cut any hard object.

Q: How sharpening a fillet knife is best?

A: Firstly, you need to prepare a fillet knife sharpener. Then apply the blade to the rough surface of the grinding wheel, angling at an angle of about 15 degrees to remove steel dust. After grinding, be sure to wipe off any metal particles stuck on the blade.

For a durable and sharp knife, ready the fillet when you need it, paying attention to sharpening the knife regularly.

The bottom line

Do you feel a really good fillet knife for fish? Why not try something new to make your meal better? The best fillet knife will show you: good cooking is not difficult, it is important that you choose the best ones.

Do better by choosing the best one. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave a message for me for help.

Good luck to you!