Best Kitchen Knife for Cutting Meat – Great Choice

Meat is a source provide of protein for humans. Therefore, meat dishes often appear on the dinner table every day.

In order to have delicious meat dishes, the processing and cooking work is very complicated, sometimes have difficult. To alleviate these problems and deliver a delicious, nutritious meat dish, we send you the support tool to overcome every challenge from raw meat – the best kitchen knife for cutting meat.

Best Kitchen Knife for Cutting Meat – Quick Comparison

What is the best knife for cutting meat? 

Surely this is the first thing you confused when hearing our offer of a kitchen knife for cutting meat.

Have you ever gone to the kitchen to make your favorite meat dish but couldn’t find a suitable knife? For example, after that, you have to use a vegetable knife to cut the meat? Do you think it makes sense and what will happen? Oh no, just thinking about it did make you don’t want to continue making that meat.

That is why you really need a professional and the best knife for cutting meat.

The best kitchen knife for cutting meat is what you are looking for at the moment. With that knife, you will easily prepare meat faster with clean cuts to perfection, the meat is not broken. The best knife to make sure is full of the appropriate elements, convenient for you in cooking.

If you choose correctly, not only will cooking become easier, but you will always be happy and excited about this job every day.

But choosing the best knife among hundreds of thousands of kitchen knives is not easy. I will give you some criteria to help you make a better choice.

The purpose of a kitchen knife for cutting meat

The knife for cutting meat can transform any shape for your piece of meat. Everything you need to prepare for a meal, from separating meat from bones, chopping huge chunks of meat to chopping, breaking down cartilage and skin, etc. in a short time with precise, perfect, no-promiscuous cuts.

With it, you will not need to worry about any the difficulty or spend too much time preparing the meat dish

How to choose the best kitchen knife for cutting meat

Knife size

For a kitchen knife to cut meat, you have a lot of size options. The most common type you should choose is 10 to 12 inches. With this size, you can easily cut large and extremely flexible cuts of meat with small and moderate cuts of meat.

Recommend that you do not choose the knife too small, because quite inconvenient, difficult to use. Also do not choose large and heavy knives, which may put pressure on you. If you are people rarely use or beginner, you should choose the popular knives on the market, many people believe to choose.

The blade

This problem is quite diverse and complex, each of which gives you different angles with pros and cons. Therefore, the blade is the factor you need to consider the most.

The best blades are usually made of high-grade carbon steel, which is effective against corrosion, no rust, durable, and increase performance when working.

People often think that: the blade thicker the knife, the stronger the force. That is really not necessary. To cut the best piece of meat, we need not only a sharp enough blade but also flexibility. Therefore a thin, flexible blade is the optimal choice.

Choose a forged blade instead of a seal. Optimized knife surface design, reduces pressure, convenient to do a lot of work.


Handles are an important part of knives. Make sure the knife you choose fits and feels comfortable to use.

Should choose a good quality handle, high grip, anti-slip. Do not choose a knife with a handle too heavy that will make your arm tired.

Choosing the right handle is the same as choosing a pair of shoes, that fit your hand for comfort.

Brand and purchase policy

There are many brands that have carefully researched the quality of products and market needs, you should choose to buy knives at these brands to ensure product quality.

Most genuine stores have a warranty. Because all the risks with the knife you buy are unpredictable. Please consider the product carefully and complete the warranty procedures according to the manufacturer.

Did you choose the best kitchen knife to cut vegetables yet? If yet, I will recommend a few products for you to easier choose from.

Review 10 best kitchen knives for cutting meat

1. Victorinox Swiss Army – 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife, Granton Blade, Black, 12-Inch

Victorinox is a professional kitchenware manufacturer, having more than 130 years of experience. Therefore, every Victorinox product is always creation, innovated to suit the needs, social age, and is trusted by many people.

In the field of kitchen knives, Victorinox gathers all the best knives used for cutting meat. Among them are the Victorinox Swiss Army – 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife, Granton Blade, Black, 12-Inch. The knife that tops the best kitchen knives for cutting meat and is a professional chefs’s prioritized choice.

  • Produced in 1884 in Switzerland and is still widely trusted to this day
  • 12- inch long Granton blade, narrow and sharp, smooth movement. Stainless blades are made of premium carbon steel, flexible for cutting and carving meat.
  • The curved blade design helps to separate the meat more easily and flexibly, along with the dents with high density for enhanced non-stickiness. The NSF-certified knife is safe for public health
  • The Fibrox Pro handle design is outstanding anti-slip, safe for use even when the hands are wet, giving you a comfortable feeling. Weight balance does not pressure the arms and is easy to control
  • The knife is suitable for cutting all hard and soft meats, perfect for cutting steak helping the slices thinner, evenly, and not broken.
  • Tips: although the knife is specially manufactured by the manufacturer, elaborate is not destroyed in the dishwasher. However, the blades easy are blunt so we recommend using your hands instead of the dishwasher is the best way to keep the knife more durable.
  • Commitment to a lifetime warranty is limited. Exchange if there is a mistake on the part of the manufacturer


  • The handle is short, fits well in the palm of the hand, does not slip
  • The blade design has many advantages for cutting meat: large airbag density, uniform sharp blade, round tip
  • Straight blades make uniform cuts, increasing cutting performance
  • NFS certified
  • lightweight
  • Granton Blade is more non-stick
  • Reasonable price – good quality


  • Long tongue, difficult to store appropriately
  • The blade is quickly degraded, requiring frequent sharpening.

If you are a fan of meat dishes and often have to make them, this is the best option for you. The knife is designed in the traditional style of the Swiss army, so it is quite simple and of good quality.

2. DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife – Gladiator Series 10 “Slicer 

Coming to Dalstrong, you will have all the appliances you need for your kitchen. Right now, you need the best kitchen knife for cutting meat, Dalstrong offers you “DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife – Gladiator Series 10″ Slicer “:

  • The special blade design with the sharp tip, the maximum curve of the blade knife to break through all the tough challenges on the meat: cutting through the skin, breaking cartilage …
  • Not stopping there, the blade is equipped with hollow stone divots, which helps minimize adhesion, avoid getting stuck on food and reduce friction for a more comfortable cutting experience
  • The 10-inch long blade is compact but extremely sharp forged from high-class German stainless steel, according to the most advanced technology.


  • The excellent blade comes with a comfortable, flexible black pakkawood handle in the user’s hand with full tang and three studs
  • Carefully polished satin knives and 56+ Rockwell hardness finish make the knife durable, increase cutting performance, Comes with BPA protection.
  • When using a knife, you only need to use the minimum force, suitable for all the toughest jobs, cut the steak perfectly.
  • Dalstrong will guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied and take all responsibility for the product you choose


  • German steel blades are forged meticulously for finishing 56+ Rockwell hardness
  • Sharp, curved blades enhance cutting efficiency
  • Nice handle design, sure
  • There have been 10 years of production in the market with a large number of satisfied consumers
  • Ideal sales policy


  • The knife is quite dangerous if you do not store carefully.

The knife is really a professional boxer on your kitchen table. When using, you will certainly be extremely satisfied with the product.

 3. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife

A good product for your tight budget. Even so, its quality is not inferior to expensive knives.

  • The first impression is an 11-inch blade, extremely sharp, for cutting with minimal force.
  • The blade is forged from high-grade, lightweight stainless steel carbon, On the surface of the knife there are parallel air pockets to increase resistance to sticking, cutting superiorly on all meats, especially steak.
  • Beautiful black handle, for sure comfort for easy control, Bolster enhances operation, protects your fingers
  • Full tang design with three studs to ensure the blade does not wobble or any problems occur when the knife is operating.
  • Super endow price, with only $ 29.5 you can own a professional knife, serving all the needs on your piece of meat.
  • Free return and exchange, commitment to product quality.


  • Long tongue, convenient for slicing, flexible
  • Ergonomic, comfortable ergonomic handle with arms
  • Anti-stick tongue, effective anti-corrosion, high cutting performance
  • Reasonable price for everyone


  • Made in China

What do you think about this product? The knife can give you the best experience without compromising your budget. Worth for you to choose.

4. Professional 12″ Meat Cutting Knife – the Ultimate 100% Steel Slicing Knife

You may be worried about your tight budget, you cannot choose a good best knife for cutting meat.

No problem, we will offer you not only 1 but a lot of options with good price knives – good quality.

Next, refer to the Professional 12 “Meat Cutting Knife – the Ultimate 100% Steel Slicing Knife

  • The thin, sharp 12-inch blade is standard for making perfect cuts according to your needs.
  • Forged knives made of high-quality carbon steel, safe for dishwashers, free from corrosion, rust, saving time to prepare your favorite dishes
  • The design of the dense airbag system increases the anti-sticking ability, so you can rest assured to cut the meat without worrying that the blade will damage the meat.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with three studs keeps sure full tang feels safe, comfortable, dynamic, easy to control.
  • The knife gives you the best experience with thin, smooth slices, preserving the original quality of the dish
  • The knife is thoroughly approved for quality before being marketed. Therefore, you are completely assured of the product you choose
  • Consumers appreciate the quality, and completely different from its selling price


  • Super sharp blade, long, convenient for cutting
  • Modern handle, beautiful, anti-slip
  • Modern handle, beautiful, anti-slip
  • Safe for dishwasher


  • Slightly thin blades are not available with hard cuts of meat
  • Must be sharpened regularly

I hope it will help you with your cooking and help you find joy in your job.

5. TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife – HC German Stainless steel 

During the past 20 years, since the establishment of TUO, the members of the group have always lived life to the fullest with the belief called “TUO”. They are always striving and creative to bring the TUO brand to consumers everywhere.

TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife is a non-stop creation that is the result of unprecedented efforts to make your kitchen unique and distinctive.

  • The knife, designed in the image of a fire phoenix, was voted the best knife, belongs among the top 1 selling items by The name of the knife evocative us of the superior, strong cutting power
  • Ultra-long 12- inch blade with slim, flexible shape, suitable for separating bones, fillets, skinning all your favorite meat dishes. In addition, you can use it to cut bread or cake layers perfectly and accurately.
  • Germany’s high-grade stainless steel carbon X50Cr15MoV with HRC56 ± 2 is the main material for forging blades, giving you a durable, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof blade
  • Sharpened, carefully crafted blades with 15 degrees on each side combined with long-lasting air pockets for enhanced blade resistance, which prevents stains from sticking on the surface of the blade.
  • The beautiful Pakkawood handle with wood grain yellow-brown highlight brings beauty to your kitchen. The handle is slightly inflated, full tang grip tightly brings a sense of comfort, luxury.
  • In 2016, TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife was selected as the best knife in the world.
  • Products are guaranteed 100% quality, commitment to refund if you face any risk of the manufacturer


  • Germany’s premium X50Cr15MoV stainless steel blade offers durability and sharpness
  • Ergonomically designed handle with beautiful golden brown Pakkawood
  • Versatile, flexible, can cut many things you want
  • Lightweight, no fatigue hand when used too long
  • Recommended by experts and voted top 1 by wiki.ezvid in 2016.


  • The blade is easily blunt, it must be sharpened regularly

Together with TUO, turn your chef’s dream into a reality. TUO- always different, always creative will not make you disappointed when choosing their products

6. 14-inch Blade Granton Edge, Turkey

In order to make the name of ICEL as famous as it is today, it is indispensable to participate in of the 14-inch Blade Granton Edge, Turkey, Salmon, Ham Meat Cutter, Slicing Knife – selected as the meat cutter best of ICEL.

  • 14-inch long knife with rounded tip safety for users. The blade is thin, narrow but extremely sharp, flexible giving you perfect cuts
  • Stainless steel carbon blade, providing long-term durability, effective anti-corrosion, straight blade design convenient for cutting.
  • The blade is durable and sharp enough without frequent sharpening
  • The surface of the blade is designed with indentations running along the edge of Granton to prevent sticking to the knife, helping the knife not tarnish.
  • With modern technology of Turkey, using cold rolled steel to seal and NSF certified safe for public health
  • Ergonomically designed ergonomic handle, suitable in user’s hands, easy to control, slippery groove, reinforced bolster to protect your hands.
  • Lifetime warranty is limited by ICEL manufacturer. Not safe for dishwashers should be washed by hand.


  • Advanced blade design, modern
  • Compact handle, comfortable
  • Sharp Granton edge
  • Certified NFS safe
  • Stamped with cold-rolled steel tape


  • Tongue too long, brittle if there is strong pressure and difficult to store safely.

ICEL hopes that with this 14-inch knife, you will not have to struggle with every meal and can make better meat dishes, providing enough nutrients for the family.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Breaking Knife, 8-Inch

It seems that Victorinox completely dominates in this area. The manufacturer is really creative with two types of knives for cutting meat with completely different shapes so that you have many choices.

Look at the Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Breaking Knife, 8-Inch in a different way.

  • The knife is favored by many culinary experts because it’s so perfect with every cut
  • The tongue is wide, quite light, but the curved blade is extremely flexible, creating evenly sized cuts of meat, easy with even the chopping.
  • The blades are made of stainless steel that meets NSF standards, through strict processing processes to create outstanding durability. The 8-inch length is ideal and convenient from slicing to storage
  • It is worth noting that the thick Fibrox Pro handle, filled with the full tang, provides a sense of security, slip resistance, limiting all cooking risks, and does not put pressure on your arms for easy control.
  • Although it is safe in the dishwasher, the Victorinox Swiss Army warns you to wash it by hand carefully so that the knife is always durable. Moreover, to achieve optimum performance, it is necessary to regularly sharpen after use a few times.
  • Commit to a lifetime warranty and take all responsibility for the product


  • The curved, pointed blade design is convenient to do many things at once, flexible
  • NSF certified
  • Comfortable, controlled Fibrox Pro handle, avoid slipperily
  • Professional, easy meat cutting with balancing force


  • Requires regular sharpening.

Many people have trusted Victorinox products. How about you?

8. Kessaku Slicing Carving Knife – Samurai Series

Kessaku – a famous and reputable brand in Japan. Kessaku’s stature will be manifested by the Kessaku Slicing Carving Knife – Samurai Series. This is the best of all the meat knives used in Keesaku’s collection.

  • Straight, narrow blades, high use of 7CR17MOV High Carbon Stainless Steel -a specially formulated steel to resist corrosion and rust.
  • Kessaku Professional knives are very suitable for solving all the difficult problems on your piece of meat. Keesaku’s knives are designed in Japan, giving you the best experience as a truly professional chef
  • Precision Forged, Razor blades are sharpened at an angle of 16 degrees on each side to keep the edge longer. Synthesized to a hardness of 58 Rockwell, resulting in a strong and durable blade.
  •  A good knife is a knife that helps you feel comfortable, comfortable, without pressure. Therefore, Kessaku has cleverly designed the Pak Polished Mirror Handle, Smooth Pakka Wood to provide superior strength and comfort, not fouling.
  • Efficient ergonomically ergonomic Pakka wooden handles are heat-resistant, cold-proof, and moisture-proof with full tang design for extra strength.
  • The product comes with a luxurious and elegant magnetic box. Suitable as a gift for everyone
  • The design of construction knives is completely meticulous, careful with unique and beautiful patterns
  • Limited lifetime warranty, against any manufacturer flaws.


  • Pure high-quality stainless steel carbon blade from 7CR17MOV
  • Heat-resistant, stainless, waterproof blades
  • Pakka polished wooden mirror has superior aesthetics
  • Keeping the edge long-lasting, outstanding performance
  • Carefully crafted with an angle of 16 degrees, twice the sharpness
  • Nice storage box, convenient


  • Easily damaged and broken edges if using the dishwasher

Bringing modern technology to the small kitchen in the family is the noble mission that Keesaku wants to send through the Kessaku Slicing Carving Knife – Samurai Series. Hope you enjoy this gift!

9. Rada Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife

Do you like a simple but full-featured knife with the best knife for cutting meat? If so, the Rada Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife is exactly what you are looking for.

  • 9.5 inch long simple design blade suitable for cutting large pieces of meat such as ham, roast meat.
  • The thin blade is made of T420 high-grade carbon stainless steel, sharpened like a razor, its cutting ability is not inferior to that of a professional steak knife.
  • The black, round plastic handle is ergonomically designed to make your hand comfortable. Effective non-slip handle, no dullness even using dishwashers
  • Instead of equidistant parallel airbag system like other knives, the Rada Ham Knife Cutter is designed with a concave row that runs continuously the size of the knife, increasing its resistance to stickiness and sharpness.
  • Made in the US in the year 1948 and launched to serve the needs of chefs. This affordable knife is really worth the money consumers spend
  • Lifetime warranty, exchange free of charge if there are any duplicates.


  • T420 steel blades durable, rust and sharp
  • Round cylindrical handle, not slippery, fit
  • Simple design, traditional style
  • Easy to regrow with available tools
  • Warranty and the free exchange


  • Limited flexibility.

10. Victorinox 47131 Wood Cimeter 10 “Blade, 10 inches, Multi

This 10th knife is a fine thread for you. If you are interested in the diversity and sustainable product structure, choose it. Victorinox 47131 Wood Cimeter is listed in Victorinox’s collection of meat knives with a large number of sales.

  • The knife design is nothing special, but it has all the essentials of a professional meat cutter.
  • The 10-inch long blade has a curved and pointed nose, convenient for chopping and carving meat
  • Thanks to high-grade stainless steel carbon, the blade becomes more durable, sleek, and sharp. You absolutely feel secure with a blade of rust, corrosion resistance when choosing it for your kitchen.
  • The wooden handle with three high-grade steel studs with an ergonomic design gives a strong, strong fulcrum to exert experience. Lightweight, so you don’t worry, your arm is not under pressure right when you have to spend hours to use it
  • The full tang design helps the blade to be held tightly in the handle, not to be shaken when operating.
  • The knife is very convenient for carrying, for outdoor picnics. Or if you have to use it daily, choose this product


  • Strong designs like warriors
  • Flexible, sharp blades
  • Classic wooden handle with firm rivets
  • Compact, easy to carry


  • The features are not yet really optimal

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the lowest price to buy a meat knife?

A:  A good kitchen knife to cut meat has a lot of prices for you to choose from.

In the top 10 best kitchen knives I have just launched, there are many good knives, full of preeminent features but the price is extremely reasonable, just under $ 50.

For example, Rada Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife for only $ 11 or MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife for only $ 25 and you can have a useful tool.

Q: Instructions for using the meat cutter

A: Some instructions for you when working with meat knives

  • Before using it for the first time, clean the knife to remove any remaining oil and iron filings from the surface of the knife
  • Because the meat knife is very sharp and pointed, be careful with your fingers, avoiding your body to contact the blade.
  • When use is complete, wash the knife immediately with soap and warm water, then wipe dry with a towel. Do not wash in the dishwasher, as the blade of the meat cutter is a bit too long, which can be broken or chipped.
  • Store carefully, avoiding danger to yourself and others.

Q: What knife should I use to cut raw meat?

A: Raw meat is usually sticky, slippery, and quite difficult to cut. Therefore, to cut raw meat, you should choose sharp, thin, flexible knives with good non-stick design. In this case, Victorinox Swiss Army – 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro or DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife will be the best choice for you.

Q:  Can I use a bread knife to cut meat?

A:  Bread knives and knives for cutting meat have many similarities: long, wide width, sharp, good anti-stick. However, a bread knife is not powerful enough to cut large pieces of meat, doing the hard work.

When cutting meat, the blade is very easy to be blunt and degraded, need to sharpen regularly. While bread cutting blades have a special design, it is difficult to sharpen.

Therefore, you should have a professional knife to cut meat, do not use bread knives instead to cut meat

Q:   What knife do you use to cut a roast?

A:  Multi-hardware barbecue hard layer on the outside and soft on the inside. To cut through the hard crust without breaking the meat, I would have to choose a very sharp and flexible knife.

Moreover, with the requirement that the slices must be beautiful and retain the rich flavor of the barbecue, priority should be given to the knives with hard, thin steel blades, not dull to avoid harming the food, good anti-sticking. 

If you want to use roast and knives at the table, choose smaller, suitable knives to make a delicious meal.

For cutting roast, we recommend Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Breaking Knife, 8-Inch, or DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife is not a bad idea

The bottom line

Don’t let your perfect set of knives be missing an important tool that contributes to a great meal – the best kitchen knife for cutting meat. With it, you will no longer worry or be hindered for any reason to bring your family a nutritious meal from meat.

Change immediately to keep the whole family happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading!