Best Kitchen Knife for Cutting Vegetables

Best Kitchen Knife for Cutting Vegetables

Vegetables are the dish that appears more in our daily meals. To process vegetables make a delicious meal is also quite sophisticated. Even for professional cooks, precise and delicate processing and cutting techniques are not easy.

Do not worry! The problem I will be talking about today: the best kitchen knife to cutting vegetables will help you reduce the difficulty in processing vegetables and create art for your dishes.

Best Kitchen Knife for Cutting Vegetables – Quick Comparison

First of all, let to with me learn a little about the cutting of vegetables.

A lot of people think cutting vegetables is a simple job, anyone can do it. but on the other hand, the job of cutting vegetables has caused a lot of difficulties for chefs, even for professional cooks, if not comply with technical methods, you will not get the desired slices as desired and well done his job

The work of cutting vegetables here includes cutting, slicing, thin curettage, chopping, trimming, and decorating to create delicious and beautiful dishes.

So, what you need now is a knife with all the characteristics to help you cut vegetables better,  sharing your difficulties, making the processing of vegetables a simple thing.

Essential features of a knife for cut vegetable

  • A versatile knife can do all the tasks such as cutting, chopping, diced.
  • The blade is thick enough and sure, does not wobble when cutting the hardware of vegetables.
  • Serrated knives have to feature scalloped shells to cut soft vegetables and fruits, creating smooth, clean slices.
  • Heels blade knife is designed to be stable, safe for your fingers.

Are you really a lover of cooking or not? Have you ever been to the kitchen to cook and feel happy when you make dishes that please people? It is entirely possible because beside you have “a great assistant“. Thanks to it, you bring delicious, nutritious food to everyone in the family and diners – It is the best kitchen knife for cutting vegetables.

Right now I will introduce you to the best kitchen knife for cutting vegetables and help you make a reasonable choice for your kitchen.

Review 6 the best kitchen knife for cutting vegetables

1. Nakiri Knife, KEEMAKE 7 inch Chef Knife Vegetable Kitchen Knife

The knife is rated by consumers as a work of art not only because it is a product that marks the new step of Keemake but it also has the ability to cut vegetables great.

  • The square, wide blade, 7 inches long makes the knife versatile, cutting everything easily and quickly.
  • The blade is forged with high-grade stainless steel according to the advanced technology of Germany, the horn is sharpened sharply at an angle of 12-15 degrees, HRC 57 helps the steel blade to be durable, not degraded.
  • Some manufacturers use Teflon or chromium for plating blades that are harmful to public health. Nakiri knife has overcome that weakness by replacing polished design after being processed. This helps the knife not to damage food and helps to increase its resistance to corrosion and fouling.
  • Ergonomically designed Pakkawood handle with two rivets holds firmly full tang for strength, ease of control for beginners, and anti-slip even when hands are wet.
  • Nakiri Knife helps you prepare large and small vegetables quickly, effectively with the job of chopping, slicing, .. the sharpness of the knife will not make you feel disappointed.
  • 100% warranty for product quality, the manufacturer assumes all responsibility if you encounter any risks.
  • The product comes with a box, can be used as a gift.


  • Versatile, flexible to bring high work efficiency
  • Germany’s advanced forged steel blade technology, not Teflon- plated and chrome, safe for public health.
  • The sharp blade sharpening angle of 12-15 degrees according to the Japanese grinding method.
  • Super anti-rust and long-lasting durability
  • Lightweight, only about 1.03 pounds, easy to clean
  • Cheap-good quality.


  • Sharp, easily gay blades that are dangerous for children and for users if they are not careful.

Some recommendations from the Keemake producer

  • Sharp blade, do not use your hands to test the sharpness of the knife
  • Do not use the dishwasher to clean the knife
  • Do not soak in water for a long time, wipe dry after washing the knife
  • Using a grinding machine or a sharpening wheel regularly helps the knife maintain sharpness and durability.

Keemake hope you enjoy this gift!

2. Wusthof 4183 Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife 7

Wüsthof is a major American brand in the field of kitchen knives. Wüsthof is the reunion of “cutting masters“. This manufacturer is known everywhere, from cities to rural areas, from small family kitchens to high-class restaurants, hundreds of Wüsthof products are trusted and satisfied by users.

Among them, Wusthof 4183 Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife 7 is considered a precious gift, a savior for all vegetables of the fruit on a hearty dining table.

  • The knife is designed in the traditional, simple classic of Wüsthof.
  • Full tang blade, 7-inch floating length, forged precisely by exclusive carbon steel
  • Thin blade, gradually curved at the end, providing stiffer edges with full bolster, safe for your fingers
  • The blade has a hollow edge with surface dents to keep vegetables from sticking to the knife when cutting
  • POM handle design has three rivets, has a tight molecular structure, creates durability, prevents discoloration, and is comfortable to use.
  • In addition, the bottom of the handle is printed with the Wusthof logo and is protected by a chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel border.
  • Accurate Edge technology increases 20% sharpness, extends blade life, increases performance to optimal levels
  • Made in Solingen, Germany and backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Exclusive steel blade forging technology
  • Full bolster, enhance safety
  • Anti-stick tongue due to surface dents
  • The handle is synthesized by POM to enhance durability and comfort
  • Combined with Edge technology to increase cutting efficiency
  • The thin, lightweight blade characterizes the traditional beauty of Wusthof.


  • Difficult to sharpen again when the knife is blunt.

Wusthof is proud of every product that brings to the market and is confident about its quality.

3. KYOKU Daimyo Series – Damascus Chef Knife

Kyoku – another brand from Japan will definitely not disappoint us. This is really a knife has full of factors to completely persuade the most fastidious guests.

  • The 8-inch long blade, horizontal and slightly curved, is sharpened on both sides to make cooking easier, more efficient.
  • The sharp edge is forged by the traditional standard method: mirror polishing on the double face of 13-15 degrees, nitrogen-cooled, giving the blade a superior hardness, resisting all corrosive agents.
  • G10 handle is flexible and rugged, has been treated according to the most modern methods to enhance heat resistance, sustainability, and aesthetics.
  • The full-tang design with three high-quality rivets makes the knife more durable, maximizing the maximum speed, giving an incredible effect like a machine.
  • Cutting-edge has superior stickiness and is easy to clean
  • When working, the blade knife maintains sharpness from 8 to 12 degrees on each side, overcoming all culinary challenges, becoming an unbeatable champion.
  • Especially, the knife is forged from steel VG-10 (special steel, the most advanced of Japan) and added cobalt to create hardness HRC 58-60. Therefore, the knife blade works with incredible performance, reducing arm fatigue.
  • On the surface of the knife, there are indentations running along to enhance the anti-sticking, helping vegetables not to dare to enter the knife surface
  •  Tsunami Rose’s blade model of Kyoku Daimyo Series for proud beauty, proud to cut vegetables with just one touch.
  • Lifetime warranty and you can exchange if there are any errors


  • Advanced blade fabrication materials from VG-10 add cobalt
  • The super solid G10 handle
  • Maintain stable sharpness
  • Super steel blade against corrosion, anti-dirty
  • Exclusive edge grinding method, adhering to traditional 3-step Honbazuke method
  • Balanced, flexible, outstanding performance


  • Manually produced in China.

KYOKU Daimyo Series – Damascus Chef Knife will experience with you every day, helping you always be confident and creative in joy. That would be a good choice for getting started with your kitchen job.

4. KYOKU Samurai Series – Nakiri Japanese Plant Knife Blade 7 “

Everything in the world has its limits, but that’s not true of Kyoku’s creation. Kyoku has broken all difficulties, pressure in your kitchen and makes you fun every day by that simple work.

KYOKU Samurai Series – just hearing the name, people immediately think of its power and performance. Let’s see what it has!

  • The knife has a thin, wide blade, creating fairly regular and smooth cuts, suitable for fruits
  • The blade is manufactured from super carbon steel, cooled with nitrogen to create hardness HRC 56-58. That’s why the knife is capable of holding edges and incredible durability
  • Tongue slightly curved, full-tang running along the handle helps the knife move smoothly, firmly, reducing the pressure on the arm.
  • Ergonomically designed Pakkawood handle with three meticulously treated studs, good heat resistance, and waterproofing.
  • Hollow-edge design carefully polished to make the 7-inch vegetable knife flexible, corrosion-resistant and durable
  • Mosaic pin with beautiful design, highlight and different for the product
  • The double bevel knife and the clamshell blade design prevent it from sticking when cutting vegetables – especially potatoes. The round nose is convenient for shredding and cutting dice
  • There are courteous containers, easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty, reputation, quality


  • Technology to design modern and elaborate blades
  • A typical configuration for vegetable cutting work
  • The handle fits well, ergonomically designed and balanced, safe
  • Mosaic pin super nice, luxurious
  • Sharp edges are meticulously polished
  • Cheap price, great quality


  • The knife weight is a bit heavy

Kyoku knife is the ideal choice for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Build your career with the simplest techniques with Kyoku!

5. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife

Shun takes ideas from the most beautiful and sweetest achievements to create products with their own beauty. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife is the pinnacle of sophistication and creativity.

  • Shun takes advantage of the most advanced materials on the market to create a knife according to the method of traditional handmade with approximately 100 meticulous design steps.
  • The multi-layered Damascus steel blades are forged entirely by hand but are quite thin, perfect for cutting vegetables
  • Precise heat-treated blades comply with the toughest technical requirements to create a sharp, durable steel blade, optimal structure.
  • The blade is sharpened by a standard 16-degree angle and razor-sharp. The blade is beveled dual, tapered fast and flat.
  • The 5.5-inch blade is designed with stylish finishing details, increasing resistance to sticking, gliding through vegetables and fruits easily
  • PakkaWood wooden handle, slightly inflated for comfort, confident control, absolutely no stains.
  • Lifetime warranty is limited, so wash the knife by hand so the knife is always durable, sharp, and work effectively.


  • Extremely smooth, extremely sharp and durable steel blades
  • Perfect handle design, top advantages
  • Forged by sophisticated manual methods
  • Anti chipping, easy to sharpen
  • Lightweight blade


  • Not safe for dishwashers

Shun is proud to take its name from a traditional Japanese cuisine in the midst of its freshest at the most perfect time as a mark of dedication from the chefs for its guests. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife is known as the master of quality.

6. DALSTRONG Chef Knife

Dalstrong is a brand too familiar to anyone who loves and is professional in cooking. Dalstrong’s products leave us with no doubt in their design and superior quality.

The Dalstrong chef knife is a versatile knife, popular in the Dalstrong collection. Today, with this knife, let’s see its ability to cut vegetables.

  • The 8-inch knife is always ready to fight, doing anything in your kitchen. With it, cutting vegetables is not difficult at all
  • The blade is made of imported German steel, high quality, extremely sharp, stain-resistant.
  • Designed for finishing at 56+ Rockwell hardness, adding chromium improves rigidity, increasing flexibility and resistance to corrosion.
  • Excellent blade sharpening technology with a maintenance angle of 14-16 degrees boosts performance, ensuring ultra-thin slicing and dicing with minimal force, necessary maintenance, or cleaning.
  • A wide blade allows for easy cutting and quick fruit
  • Black Pakkawood handle with three firm rivets the full tang is designed carefully, with maximum operability.
  • Balanced weight, reduced arm pressure and bolster enhance your finger protection
  • Dalstrong PerfectFit BPA protective cover is convenient, beautiful, easy to clean, blade maintenance.
  • The spine is created to facilitate a comfortable, firm, slip-resistant grip.


  • High quality forged steel
  • Perfect edge grinding technology, balanced
  • High-quality handle
  • Sleek satin hands, additional chrome enhance stiffness
  • Professional, flexible, perfect operation in every cut


  • Sharp blades can be dangerous

Good cooking every day will help you live a happy, healthy life every day. Like you, Dalstrong always strives to accomplish that great mission with you. Dalstrong is always with you every step of the way, in every dish you make and you enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the easiest way to cut vegetables?

A: Cutting vegetables is not as difficult as you think if you have a sharp knife with some necessary tools in hand.

Some of the easiest ways to cut vegetables for you, in any case, are to chop them into small pieces, cut decreases (on demand), slice them, etc. These are the most common and easiest ways even for beginners.

Q: How do chefs cut so fast?

A: Professional cut like a cook” – that is the word people use to describe the skill and professionalism of a person in cooking.

In fact, even professional chefs, to have such slices require not only has expertise but also certain requirements.

  • Choose a clean, non-slippery cutting surface such as wooden cutting boards, plastic cutting boards, stone surfaces, etc.
  • Use the right knife for the job. Not picking the wrong tool will be dangerous and inefficient.
  • Keep knives blade always sharp by sharpening regularly. A blunt blade can break your cut.
  • Hold knife and vegetable permanent with 2 hands-on cross-sections, pay attention to fingers
  • Use some techniques to cut quickly and accurately.

Q: How do you cut a vegetable cube?

A: First, hold the block of vegetables in your hand and use a sharp, appropriate vegetable knife.

What would you make with that block of vegetables? From there choose the type of cut to create slices that are suitable for your dish.

Q: What are the different ways of cutting vegetables?

A: There are many ways to cut vegetables. However, I will give you some common, easy ways like:

  • Slicing: is the technique of turning a large block of vegetables into thin slices
  • Mincing: A technique for making food with the smallest shape. To use this technique, you need to be strong and persistent
  • Julienne: a technique that allows you to cut long and thin pieces, from which to cut dice as needed
  • Fiber cutting: The technique is quite common but has special support tools

The bottom line

You have a lot of options. But consider and choose things the best. With the best kitchen knife for cutting vegetables, you can be confident to make delicious, nutritious dishes for the whole family.

You need to understand that: cooking is not difficult when you are always with companions, nothing but kitchen-friendly tools.

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