Dalstrong Phantom Chef Knife Review

Dalstrong Phantom Chef Knife Review

You want to own a chef’s knife that is convenient for your kitchen but you are wondering what to choose any.

A little suggestion for you: Dalstrong Phantom Chef Knife. Is this have really a knife to choose from?

Let us find out about it!

Features and specifications

  • Sharp, outstanding performance
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Knife size: 13,2 x 1,9 x 0,1 inch
  • Knife weight: 6,6 ounce

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If you find cooking too difficult and take a long time, the Dalstrong Phantom knife is the right solution for you. With this versatile, handy chef knife, you will become a professional chef and enjoy to cook.

Why did I say it was useful to you?


  • Sharp forged blades, carefully ground between 13- 15 degrees increase cutting efficiency and corrosion resistance
  • Additional chrome steel blades and 58+ Rockwell hardness
  • Pakkawood handle comfortable, sure
  • Full tang with rivets premium
  • Produced by Japanese advanced technology.


  • Handles need to be looked after properly
  • Slightly heavyweight.

Dalstrong Phantom Chef Knife Review

Knife size

8- inch long blade – the ideal size for easy work, versatile with small-sized foods and works aggressively with large cuts

The 4-inch long handle fits in the palm of your hand, is comfortable, easy to control

The knife size is suitable for many jobs, easy to use even for beginners to cook.

Construction materials

The cutting edge is made of Japanese high strength AUS-8 steel and high carbon content creating exceptional sharpness.

In addition, chromium content is added during the process of forging blades to increase resistance to dirt, superior edge protection.

The handle is made from imported Pakka wood from Spain, which brings a sense of comfort and durable if strictly preserved according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The blade

The outstanding performance of steel blades thanks to the careful grinding technology from 13-15 degrees.

After forging, the blade is nitrogen-cooled to enhance stiffness, keeping the edge well even when working with hard foods.

0.1-inch thin blade increases cutting precision, meeting the needs of the toughest slices

Rockwell hardness 58+ makes the knife durable, sharp, and superior to chefs of the same price.

And yet, the blade has an additional hand-polished spine and a spearhead shape that is convenient to bring the feeling natural and smooth, easily going through every challenge in your small kitchen.

The tapered blade gradually tapered towards the nose to help you work more flexibly, ensuring maximum precision, reducing pressure by food surface resistance.


Handheld traditional D shape design securely in the palm of your hand.

Ergonomic design with a full tang wooden handle creates safety, limiting the risk of knife operating at maximum.

The mosaic in the handle is made of copper, making it a special feature of the product.

Lightweight wooden handle, no rust, safe for food, and no pressure on your arm. Right when you have to use a knife for a long time.

However, in order for the handle to be durable and not degraded, care must be taken to avoid contact with strong detergents or soak in water for too long.


The elegant and sophisticated Dasltrong chef knife brings elegance and courtesy to the users.

Meticulously polished steel blades, engraved with exquisite logos bring powerful, beautiful attraction.

The knife is suitable even when used on the table to bring class and nobility to big parties.


Sturdy, extended bolster enhances safety, protecting your fingers.

Moisture-proof, non-slip wooden handles to limit cooking risks.

The bundled PhantomLock Dragona cover perfectly folds down on the blade knife, locking safely into place to enhance knife protection and prevent the blade from coming into contact with the body.


The blade is made of high-class materials, anti-corrosion, anti-tarnish so you feel secure when using. To keep the blade sharp, sharpen after a few times of use and sharpen precisely at an angle of 13-15 degrees to maintain the knife’s performance.

Do not use the dishwasher as this will quickly degrade the knife and may break the edge.

Experts recommend hand washing and safe storage after use.

Do not soak the knife for too long in water or use strong detergent to wash the knife to keep it durable

Selling price and sales policy

A convenient, high-quality Dalstrong Phantom chef knife for only sell $ 79.7 (powered by Amazon). An extremely attractive and reasonable price.

Dalstrong Manufacturer commits to a limited warranty on the product, ready to exchange if any errors are in the manufacturer ‘s error.

“Quality and perfection” is our satisfaction intended for this product. The knife has been used by many professional chefs and it sells each year on the top of the Amazon rankings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Dalstrong knives good quality?

A: Dalstrong knives are valued as one of the durable, sharp, and superior quality knives, superior to those of the manufacturers of the same time. For many years, Dalstrong knives have always been the list of kitchen products recommended by many experts and chefs.

From the smallest packaging details to the meticulous design of the knife are the dedication and effort that experts bring to consumers.

You are completely assured and satisfied when using Dalstrong’s kitchen knives

 Q: Is Dalstrong a good brand?

A: Dalstrong is a famous Japanese brand, stay ahead in the field of kitchenware manufacturing.

Referring to Japan, we think of modern and quality products, Dalstrong is also a brand among them.

Dalstrong has always searched for new ways of manufacturing with exclusive products. For decades, no Japanese and global knife manufacturer has been able to beat the quality of the products that Dalstrong creates.

Dalstrong is the best choice for your kitchen.

Q: Which Dalstrong series is best?

A: Dalstrong has many good series that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Prominent in the brand of Dalstrong are the product lines of Phantom, Shogun, Omega, Gladiator. These are product lines that are specially designed, suitable for the market of all time, and have many optimal products.

Q: Where are Dalstrong knives manufactured?

A: Dalstrong knives are manufactured in a city called Yangjiang, China. This is a large city, famous for the technology of knife production since the 1980s with over 1500 factories.

The production of knives is strictly supervised by Japanese experts, fully complying with the manufacturer’s principles and techniques.

Q: How do you sharpen Dalstrong Shogun? 

A: Dalstrong knives are carefully honed and manufactured, so the durability is quite high.

However, in case the knife is dull or degraded due to too much activity, re-sharpen it so that the knife does not lose its performance.

You can sharpen the knife with the tools available in the kitchen such as handheld stick, grindstone, …

If you are a frequent user or in the kitchen, you have a lot of knives, choose a handy grinder, and sharpen a sharp knife with an angle of 13-15 degrees.

Or the sharpening job is too difficult, send them to the experts. They will help you!

The bottom line

If you are a lover of cooking and enjoy the experience of the kitchen, do not miss this product – DALSTRONG Phantom Chef Knife will bring you joy every day and never let you down.

Dalstrong always accompanies you on every road.

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