Dalstrong Shogun fillet knife – Should I buy it or not?

dalstrong fillet knife for salmon

Dalstrong’s knife review – Is it worth to own?

Dalstrong Shogun fillet knife is the best choice for you if you are looking for a fillet knife

This is a very sharp knife with a narrow blade and curved toward the head, which helps you to separate meat and fat or skin extremely easily with a moderate, balanced force and safe.

Your cooking and food preparation will definitely easier with this knife.

Here, I tell you why it makes an excellent option.


  • Comfortable and convenient handle and safer.
  • The shogun blades are made from Japanese high-grade AUS-10V carbon steel
  • The handle of the Shogun knife is well – crafted from G-10 Garolite, which is similar to fiberglass without porosity.


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Specifications of Dalstrong shogun fillet knife

Blade design

  • With 2mm thickness ensures just enough flex, this knife helps you easily filter the skin, bones and meat easily by only a minimal force.


  • 6” precision forged blade with an ultra-premium Japanese AUS-10V. 62+ Rockwell vacuum-processed Dalstrong Shogun fillet knife results in incredible edge retention


  • Handles are well-crafted with G-10 Garolite (Resistant to high temperatures, water durable during lifetime)
  • Triple-riveted for even more resilience
  • Full tang for superb robustness & quality
  • Perfect stainless steel shank

Comfort and Control

Design & Beauty

  • 67 layers of high-grade carbon steel provide braided strength and significant stain resistance
  • The special design supports to bring balance

Dalstrong shogun fllet knife review


Are Dalstrong Shogun Knives Really Useful?

  • Dalstrong Shogun fillet knife won an award for from a craft village prize due to its good design and high-quality materials.
  • You definitely become the perfect chef when you own a Dalstrong shogun fillet knife

Products in packing box include:

  • 6 ”Shogun Series Cuved Filet Knife
  • PerfectFit Dalstrong Sheath