The Best Fillet Knife for Salmon that Every Cook Needs

Everyone loves the flavorful taste of salmon, but few are into processing this delicious fish.

Do you know how to ease such a challenging task?

It is to get the best fillet knife for salmon! The specially designed knives will save many hassles of filleting those large fish for you.

Without further ado, let’s discover the best fillet knife for salmon!

Best Fillet Knife of Salmon – Quick comparison

Why You Should Choose The Best Fillet Knife For Salmon

If you are into cooking and your favorite dish is salmon, you should definitely have a filleting knife in the kitchen. Without it, you will not get the finest shaped and clean cuts of the fish.

However, choosing a suitable knife to fillet salmon is no easy task.

Make sure the salmon filleting knife you are going to buy meets these requirements:

  1. It is made of the most premium material you can afford.
  2. It has the right specs, including length, sharpness, and flexibility.
  3. It comes with handles for a great grip.

You already have a filleting knife at home and wonder if it could replace the salmon knife?

It depends on the length of the knives.

Normal knives for filleting often measure about 7 to 12 inches. On the other hand, you need a blade of 9-12 inches to fillet a large-sized fish like salmon.

So if you have a filleting knife of that size that fulfills the above requirements, good for you! There is no need to purchase a brand-new salmon knife.

In case your knife set is missing one for filleting salmon, take a look at the best products below. Take your time to find out which one you will bring home!

Top 10 Best Fillet Knives For Salmon On The Market

#1 WÜSTHOF Classic 7 Inch Fillet Knife

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Topping our list today is a classic fillet knife from WÜSTHOF – a trusted German brand.

The blade measures 7 inches, a bit short but acceptable for filleting salmon. It is thin and narrow to move along the backbone and remove the fish skin effortlessly.

Let’s talk about the material.

The knife is forged from high carbon stainless steel with precision edge technology.

Hence, it is sharp, sturdy and resistant to corrosion and dulling. You are able to use it for a long time without having to sharpen regularly.

The handle is claimed to resist discoloration, heat, and impact well with the synthetic polypropylene material. That is not to mention the tripled riveted design that allows for hassle-free handling.

The purchase includes a leather sheath for safe storage. Note that you have to shape the sheath to fit the curve of the knife to avoid poking a hole in it.

The knife is backed with a lifetime warranty. Buy with confidence now!


  • Razor-sharp tip
  • Durable and highly-resistant construction
  • Ergonomic triple-riveted handle


  • A bit short blade

#2 Bubba 9 inch Flex Fillet Knife

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Next, we would like to introduce the 9-inch flex fillet knife from Bubba.

The whole knife is 15 inches long, include the 9-inch non-stick blade. This is such a perfect length for cutting beautiful and clean fillets. Precision cutting is applicable as well.

There is more to say about the blade.

It is ti-nitride coated for high resistance to rust and dulling. Plus, it features a razor-sharp tip to make starting your cut a breeze.

How convenient!

The handle is non-slip, providing a comfortable grip and ultimate control for anyone holding it in the palm.

The manufacturer had safety in mind when designing this fillet knife. The equipment boasts safety guards to protect you from the sharp blade and spines of the fish.

Also, there is a trigger grip in the handle for added security.

We love the sheath that comes along with the knife. It has a belt loop that allows hands-free and safe carry.

The only complaint is that it seems a bit overpriced.


  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Non-stick and rust-resistant blade
  • Safety guards available


  • Slightly overpriced

#3 Rapala Fish N Fillet Knife

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This Rapala fillet knife will not let anybody down with its outstanding performance.

It boasts a progressively tapered stainless steel blade with ultra-sharp edge. Measuring 7 ½ inches in length, the blade is capable of handling any large fish, including salmon.

This Fish N Fillet knife has a varnished handle to provide a comfortable grip. Some find it a little rough, but we are satisfied with it.

The purchase is undoubtedly a bargain, as it includes not only a knife but also a genuine leather sheath and a single-stage sharpener.


Nonetheless, without any safety features, this knife might be a bit dangerous for inexperienced users. We recommend it for those who are familiar with filleting salmon only.

Do not forget to handle it carefully!


  • Heavily tapered sturdy blade
  • Varnished handle
  • Sheath and sharpener included


  • A bit dangerous for newbies
  • Small sharpener

#4 Rapala Fish N Fillet Superflex Knife

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This is the fillet knife from the same brand as the #3, Rapala. Let’s see if there are any differences between the two.

Both knives have a 7 ½-inch blade. Nonetheless, this model boasts a PTFE non-stick coating, which allows you to remove the fish skin smoothly without losing any meat.

The blade is made of hand-ground stainless steel for improved durability and resistance.

The handle is also different. The Superflex knife features a hand-rubbed baked birch handle that provides secure grip. You can hold the knife firmly to do the filleting.

Unlike the previous model, this Superflex does not come with a sharpener. We will only receive a tooled leather sheath to protect and carry the knife around.

According to our experience, the sheath is absurdly large. In particular, the knife was only half the length of it. We hope the manufacturer will adjust the size of the sheath soon.


  • Hand-rubbed baked birch handle
  • Hand-ground stainless steel blade
  • Razor-sharp tip


  • Absurdly large sheath

#5 ZWILLING Chef’s Knife

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The model we are going to review belongs to the top-selling series of ZWILLING J.A. Henckels worldwide.

Can it convince you of the purchase?

The stainless steel blade has a typical length of 7 inches. Some may find it a bit short, but we think it is acceptable for filleting salmon, except for too large ones.

One of the unique characteristics of the blade is that it is forged from a single piece of steel and iced hardened to achieve superior strength. More notably, the blade is claimed to resist stain and retain the sharpness longer.

Take a look at the whole knife.

The bolster seemingly follows a classic design, but it also serves as a finger guard while providing the right balance.

We are impressed by the seamless transition from bolster to handle of this ZWILLING knife. Thanks to that, it is more comfortable to use for long periods of time without making your hands fatigued.

Our only complaint is the edge is a bit brittle.


  • Precision-forged and ice-hardened blade
  • Seamless design from bolster to handle
  • Comfortable grip


  • Slightly brittle edge

#6 American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

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There is nothing more convenient than having an electric knife to do the filleting for you.

Check out this excellent electric fillet knife from American Angler.

It features a heavy-duty motor with 2X more power than other competitors. Such a powerful motor can deal with any big bones with ease. Expect to finish filleting salmon in no time then!

The blade is made of stainless steel to last longer and resist against corrosion.

Another highlight of this American Angler PRO knife is the advanced airflow, which keeps it cool even after hours of continuous filleting.

We appreciate the ergonomic design of this fillet knife. When you hold it in your hand, it will fit right into it without straining your fingers a bit.

Do not worry about storage. The manufacturer provided you a carry bag with vents so that you can maintain the equipment effortlessly.

Is the knife without drawbacks?

Unfortunately, no. The biggest downside lies in the trigger switch, which is slightly weak and not smooth.

The whole thing is backed with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • 2X more power than standards EFCs
  • Advanced airflow design
  • Carry bag with vents for storage


  • Weak and rough switch

#7 DALSTRONG Fillet Knife

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Are you not satisfied with the above models and still waiting for an all-round knife for filleting salmon?

Well, perhaps this DALSTRONG fillet knife will be your pick.

The blade is 6 inches, which curves up towards the tip to work around the bones, joints and in-between skin effortlessly. Believe it or not, the blade’s spine is only 2mm thick.

It is made of Japanese steel and cooled with liquid nitrogen for added flexibility and resistance. You can expect it to offer years of service.

The handle is tripled riveted for more resilience. Plus, it is impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. Anyone can feel superior comfort when holding it.


  • Minimal efforts required for filleting
  • A durable and laser-sharp blade
  • Affordable price


  • A bit short blade

#8 Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife

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This Rapala fillet knife is in the Presentation series. It is similar to the Superflex knife in most ways.

When you first see the equipment, you will be impressed by its classic design in brown/ gray color. It is absolutely lightweight, so holding it for a long time will not make your hands fatigued.

Aside from the design, the unit is also known for its quality blade and handle.

In particular, the blade is made of stainless steel that comes from Poland. It offers amazing leverage thanks to the heavily tapered tang construction. However, we find it a bit flimsy.

Meanwhile, the handle is laminated and comfortable to hold in hand.

When you buy this product, you will receive a leather sheath with a belt loop and snap closure alongside the knife. Such a sheath offers safe storage and hands-free carry.


  • Modern classic design
  • Stainless steel and PTFE coated blade
  • Laminated handle


  • A bit flimsy blade

#9 Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife

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This is one of the best fillet knife that every fisherman should have in their tackle box. The blade measures 7 ⅛ inches and the overall length is 12 ¼ inches long.

Let’s investigate the blade first.

It is forged from surgical grade stainless steel and sharpened by hands. Not only can it cut beautiful fillets, but it is also able to separate meat from bones well.

Be it salmon or any other fish, you are able to run the knife through the spine with minimum efforts.

The grip is made from black rubber and feels great in your hand. It is designed to be non-slip so that you can use it safely even when your hands are wet.

The product is covered with a lifetime warranty. If you find any defect in the knife, contact the manufacturer and they will give you a replacement.

The manufacturer provided a leather sheath, but we found it a bit flimsy. What’s worse, it was difficult to disinfect.


  • Surgical grade stainless steel blade
  • Black rubber non-slip grip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Flimsy leather sheath

#10 Outdoor Edge Fish Fillet Knife

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Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to the brilliant fillet knife of Outdoor Edge.

At first sight, you can see that this is a slim and lightweight knife that will fit into your pocket or fishing bag without any problems. Especially, it can be folded for convenient transport.

The whole knife measures 11.3 inches, while the sharp blade is 5 inches. It is apparently short, especially for large fish like salmon. However, it does a great job of filleting and deboning small fish.

The handle is rubberized with TPR inserts to provide you a non-slip grip.

Included in the purchase are a pocket clip and a black nylon belt sheath so that you can wear it on your hip.

We recommend it for anyone constantly on the go and wish to fillet fish quickly. However, if you are handling a lot of fish, you had better get a fixed blade one.


  • Convenient transport
  • Slim, lightweight and foldable
  • Pocket clip and sheath included


  • Short blade

How To Fillet Salmon Properly

The best filleting knife itself is not enough to help you fillet a salmon like a pro. What you also need is the detailed instructions of processing this large fish.

Step 1

First off, you need to remove the anal fins at the rear end of the fish gently without damaging other parts.

Place the blade behind the fins and make a small cut before dragging the knife laterally along the fins until they are completed removed from the salmon.

Step 2

The goal of this step is to cut off the salmon roe.

Turn the fish upside down. Place the blade of the filleting knife in the rear hole, make a small cut, then drag it to the mouth of the salmon. Open the fish and you can see the salmon roe inside.

Use the knife to pull the roe out carefully. Afterward, remove the gut of the salmon.

Step 3

Here comes the most important step where you slice a fillet.

To make precise and clean cuts, place the knife in front of the front fins and slice it until you reach the spine.

Then, place the blade horizontally and run it laterally along the spine until reaching the tail of the salmon.

Turn to the other side and repeat the step. When you finish, you will have two clean salmon fillets on the table.

Step 4

Now, place the knife at the ribs of the salmon and drag it along the edge of the fillet to remove the ribs.

Be extra careful when doing this step, or else the fillet will be torn apart and lose its qualities. Make sure you use a razor-sharp knife.

Step 5

Just kidding, no steps are left! You have done with filleting a salmon. As you can see, everything is a breeze once you own the best fillet knife for salmon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best fillet knife for fish?

A: You should refer to specific criteria to determine whether a fillet knife for fish is good or not. A typical criterion is a material used to make a blade and handle it. Next, come the design and the size. You should also pay attention to other factors such as safety, hygiene, flexibility.

Q: What is the best size for a fillet knife?

A: As we already suggested above, a normal fillet knife is about 7 to 9 inches in length. Since salmon is larger than most fish, it needs a longer blade. 9-12 inches long will be ideal for cutting beautiful fillets out of salmon.

Q: How do you use a salmon knife?

A: Salmon knives are no different from the normal knives, except for a few changes intended for filleting purposes. You use it to fillet salmon and other fish of large sizes. When filleting, make sure to follow the steps above for the best results.

Q: Is a boning knife the same as a fillet knife?

A: People often mistake boning knives for fillet knives and vice versa as both typically have a thin blade. However, they are actually different.

The fillet knives are designed for filleting or separating meat from bones. Featuring a heavily tapered blade and sharp points, they are able to slice through the flesh of the fish without tearing it into pieces.

Meanwhile, a boning knife is intended for general purpose during preparing fish. It tends to rip through the skin and wastes a lot of meat if used for filleting.

Q: Is fillet knife safe for dishwasher?

A: Although some knives are labeled as dishwasher-safe, we do not recommend it. The heat, the detergents, the high-pressure spraying, all of them can damage the knives badly. It is best to hand-wash the fillet knives in soap and warm water.

The Bottom Line

Having the best fillet knife for salmon will ease the process of preparing this fish to a large extent. Also, you will have clean cuts of salmon to make delicious dishes for your family.

Read the reviews carefully and pick up your favorite model. If you are still confused, leave your questions or thoughts below so we can help you.

Thank you for reading!


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